Demystifying the Size Q Crochet Hook

Oh my goodness! Let me tell you what an adventure it’s been trying to find the right size Q crochet hook! It all started with a blanket pattern that calls for a Q hook. Although I have crochet hook acquisition syndrome, I don’t have this size in my collection…yet. So, I set out online to find one. Here’s what I’ve learned in a nut shell- You can buy a Q crochet hook in mm in 3 different sizes: 15mm, 15 3/4mm, and 16mm.

Okay, so now we are faced with the question- which one is the correct Q size to buy and use? Oh, for the love of yarn and sanity- why give us 3 options?? Thankfully, the Craft Yarn Council has set standards when it comes to crochet hook sizes. So, they’ll be our defacto reference in solving this mystery.

Let’s take a look at their chart to confirm the correct size of a Q hook –

size q crochet hook

The first thing I notice is that the P-16 (11.5mm) size is missing from the chart. Oh you didn’t know? Yea, there’s also 3 different P size crochet hooks too lol! As you can see, one of those P size hooks is a P/Q (15mm). The other Q size crochet hook is 16mm, and this answers our question! The 16mm is the standard correct Q crochet hook in mm to use.

The P/Q 15mm size will be labeled either as a P/Q or Q-19, and here are a few I found:

crochet hook size q
Clover P/Q 15mm
Crochet Hook
crochet hook size q-19
Lion Brand Q-19 15mm
Crochet Hook


crochet hook size q-19

Yarnology P/Q 15mm
Crochet Hook

Did you notice how the Q 15-3/4mm or 15.75mm crochet hook size isn’t even on the chart above? I have no idea the reason behind this Q size, but it is size the Boye Q hook comes in. Here are the hooks I came across for this size:

q hook crochet

The Crochet Dude
hook set –  L,P,Q
 p and q crochet hooks

Boye P-16 & Q 15.75
crochet hook set
q crochet hook in mm

Boye  Q 15.75mm
crochet hook
 q size crochet hook

ChiaoGoo 15.75 Bamboo
crochet hook

The last time I checked, the Boye Crochet Dude Plastic Crochet Hook Set was available on Amazon for $3.16 – Which does make it an incredible deal for 3 hooks!  I also love crocheting with bamboo hooks, and after reading the reviews on Amazon for the ChiaoGoo bamboo hook above, I’ll definitely be adding it to my hook stash soon!

Alright, let’s take a look at the options for the Q 16mm crochet hook since this is the industry standard Q size. Here are two I found:

16 mm q hook

Susan Bates Luxite 16mm Crochet Hook
size q crochet hook

Loops & Threads crochet hook set- L, P, Q

And then, I found this beauty! Oh, just look at it in all its natural beauty

size q crochet hook

I neeeeed this hook! It’s a handcrafted Q 16mm crochet hook made by The Hay Farmer’s Wife that can be purchased on Etsy here.

I hope this article helped you with all your questions you had about the size Q crochet hook!

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