Free Crochet Ponytail Hat Pattern

Crochet ponytail hat pattern free

Finding a free crochet ponytail hat pattern can be hard. Here you’ll find the patterns that I come across to make your life easier.

Crochet ponytail hat pattern free
June Nemeth designed this free crochet pattern for ponytail hat,
and it can be downloaded here.

Crochet ponytail hat pattern free

Wilma Westenberg offers this puff crochet stitch ponytail hat pattern free on her site. 
Get it here!

easy messy bun beanie pattern

Jennifer Pionk from A Crocheted Simplicity whipped up this free crocheted ponytail hat pattern. You can get the pattern on her website here.

free crochet ponytail hat pattern

Patricia Hanel designed this awesome beginner ponytail hole hat. It’s available here.

crochet ponytail toque

April Draven designed this drawstring ponytail beanie.
She has the pattern available for free on her website here.

Free crochet ponytail hat pattern

This hat is designed by Kayla Rollin. It was free at first, but now it’s a paid pattern.
You can purchase it here.

crochet beanie ponytail hole pattern

This ponytail crochet hat was initially free, but now it’s a paid pattern as well.
The pattern can be purchased here.

You can find more free crochet messy bun patterns here. If you would like to buy one completed, check out these hats for sale on Etsy:

 buy messy bun beanie  buy ponytail hat  where to buy a messy bun hat

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21 Replies to “Free Crochet Ponytail Hat Pattern”

  1. Great Website! Really enjoyed these patterns!

  2. Margaret Brandt says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thank you very much for all your time and work putting this list together.

  4. Can these be done on a round knitting loom? I have problems with even stitches / tension using crochet hooks but looms work better for me. How nice of you to share!! Thank you!

    1. Yes, and I’m working on gathering some loom knitted ponytail hat patterns and will publish the article once done!

  5. I was wondering what size the hole should be for most ponytails? And do you ever crochet around a ponytail tie?
    Thank you so much for sharing free pattern

    1. It depends on the pattern you’re following. Most of the video tutorial patterns that I compiled here- use elastic ponytail bands.

  6. I don’t crochet but really love this hat. Are there any knitting patterns that you are aware of?

    1. Martina, I’ll put together a list of free knit messy bun hat patterns this week.

  7. Anja Harrington says: Reply

    I have a free Bun Hat Pattern too if you want to add it to your list.

  8. Salut, uite ca am gasit aceasta pagina despre Free
    Crochet Ponytail Hat Pattern. Cred ca saitul este unul dintre mai folositoare saituri web de pe web-ul din Romania.
    Mult succes pe mai departe.

  9. Thanks very much for all the links for the ponytail/bun hats. Really appreciate your help!

  10. The Susie Berryhill pattern is a paid pattern on Ravelry . . . Can’t seem to find it for free???

    1. Corinne, the pattern was initially free but it does look like the designer decided to charge for it. I updated to state it was a paid pattern, and thank you for letting me know. If you are on facebook, you can join this group and find a bunch of free patterns!

  11. On the Patricia Hannel design. On the band do I dc Dec until I have 56 stitches?

    1. Hello Donna, you would need to message the designer and have her answer any questions you have regarding her pattern.

  12. Marge, no need to be rude! 3 patterns are free, the other 2 were changed to a paid pattern. Kasie has been so kind to share her finds! If you don’t like this post, move on and keep the rude remarks to yourself. Merry Christmas!

  13. Thank you so much! You are wonderful!!!

    1. Awww, thank you and you’re very welcome Joan! Happy crocheting!

  14. Thank you! This is the rave in Texas..

    1. You are very welcome Sandra, and howdy from Texas too! They are indeed popular here!

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