What Does HOTH Mean?

In the crocheting world, you’ll see a lot of acronyms and phrases used that you might not have ever heard of. You’ve probably asked yourself – “What does hoth mean?” Here’s a list of the most popular crochet slang terms and their meanings:

C2C – corner to corner

CAL – crochet along

FOTH – fresh off the hook

Frogging/Frogged – ripping or ripped out stitches {rip it = ribbit}

HAS – hook acquisition syndrome

HOTH – hot off the hook

HSPY – haven’t started project yet

JOTH – just off the hook

LYS – local or little yarn shop

MGBTC – must get back to crocheting

OCD – obsessive crocheting disorder

PABLE – pattern accumulation beyond life expectancy

PHD – projects half done

PIGS – projects in grocery sacks

SABLE – stash accumulation beyond life expectancy

STASH – special treasures all secretly hidden

TALC – take along crochet

TIA – thank you in advance

TOAD – trashed object abandoned in disgust

UFO – unfinished object

USO – unstarted object

WIP – work in progress

WIVSP – work in very slow progress

YAP – yet another project

Yarn Barf – the tangled mess of yarn from the center of the skein

Yarn Bomb – a decorative piece of crocheted or knitted art that is strung up in a public place

Yart – yarn acquisition road trip

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